Whoops! Earlier today, shares of Lyft (LYFT) were up about 60% on news its gross margin would expand by 500 basis points or five percentage points.

Unfortunately, those numbers were a bit off.

The company’s actual estimate is much lower than 500 basis points. There was an extra zero attached. Its real number should have been 50 basis points or half a percentage point.

Other than that massive typo, which sent LYFT skyrocketing, earnings weren’t too bad. Its net loss of $340.3 million for the full year 2023, for example, was a big reduction from its 2022 loss of $1.6 billion. Adjusted EPS came in at 18 cents, as compared to estimates for eight cents. Revenue came in as expected at $1.22 billion.

LYFT also expects to generate positive free cash flow for the full-year for the first time. Even better, as noted by CNBC, “CEO David Risher, who took the helm in March of last year, said the company reached a record number of annual riders. The number of rides increased 26% from a year earlier to 191 million in the fourth quarter, and active riders rose 10% to 22.4 million.”

In after-hours, LYFT last traded up about 15.8% at $14.05.