Days after gapping lower on earnings, Palo Alto Networks (PANW) is exploding higher.

At one point on Monday, shares were up about $30. All as analysts argue the pullback was overdone. Susquehanna analysts, for example, are still bullish on the PANW stock, and have a price target of $325. Analysts at JP Morgan argue that the company’s mention of “spending fatigue” in cybersecurity was taken out of context.

“While the magnitude of PANW’s guidance cut implies a negative read for Security Software demand on the surface, we think it is not as bad for peers as initially feared and note some misunderstanding about PANW’s demand commentary and deal structure following the call,” wrote Brian Essex of JPMorgan, as quoted by Seeking Alpha.

Also, there’s news Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi disclosed buying $500,000 to $1 million worth of call options in PANW on February 12, according to

Plus, it’s not as if cyberattacks are going away.

As noted by USA Today, “According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime has had a major impact on the global economy, with an estimated worldwide cost hitting $8 trillion in 2023 — translating to over $250,000 a second. The total annual cost of cybercrime is predicted to rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025.”

Every time there’s another cyberattack, we’re reminded of why we need companies like PANW.