Boeing (BA) could get crushed this week.

All after a fuselage was torn off a new Boeing 737 Max 9 jet during flight. You can see just how terrifying the ordeal was just with the pictures here. Thankfully, the plane did come in for an emergency landing, with all 171 passengers and crew safely on board.

The incident forced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground more than 100 Boeing 737 Max 9 jetliners for safety checks.

We expect to see a good deal of analyst downgrades on the news, too.

What’s even more concerning is that this has happened before, and the company can’t blame wear and tear for the issue.

As noted by the BBC, “In 2018, exactly such an incident occurred to an older model of Boeing 737 being operated by Southwest Airlines. Debris from an engine failure broke one of the cabin windows while the plane was traveling at 32,000ft. The immediate concern in this case is whether what happened to Flight 1282 could happen to other aircraft. The door in question is meant to be securely bolted to the fuselage using four bolts. The aircraft was only two months old, meaning simple wear and tear is unlikely to have been a factor.”

Hopefully, this will serve as a major wake-up call for Boeing.  Anxious travelers and investors aren’t going to be so forgiving after so much chaos, and the potential for loss of life.