Amazon (AMZN) is soaring.

All after posting better-than-expected earnings. EPS of $1 was well above estimates for 80 cents.  Revenue of $170 billion was above estimates of $166.2 billion. Amazon Web Services numbers came in at $24.2 billion, as expected. Advertising came in at $14.7 billion, slightly above expectations for $14.2 billion.

Amazon also said first-quarter sales will be between $138 billion and $143.5 billion, which is growth of 8% to 13%. Analysts were expecting revenue of $142.1 billion.

Aside from earnings, Amazon announced its generative artificial intelligence assistant – Rufus – which is being tested.

“The tool is designed to help users search and shop for products. Shoppers type or speak a question into the search bar in Amazon’s mobile app and a chat window will appear at the bottom of their screen. Users can ask conversational questions such as, ‘What are the differences between trail and road running shoes?’ or ‘Compare drip and pour-over coffee makers,” according to CNBC.

From here CEO Andy Jassy says the company wants to incorporate generative AI across all of its businesses.

Shares of AMZN are up $11.50 in pre-market to $170.78.