Shares of Micron Technology (MU) are exploding higher.

In fact, on Monday, shares were up about $3.50 a share on a volume spike to 28.8 million shares, as compared to its daily average volume of 14.5 million.

All as Micron begins producing artificial intelligence semiconductors for Nvidia.

“AI workloads are heavily reliant on memory bandwidth and capacity, and Micron is very well-positioned to support the significant AI growth ahead through our industry-leading HBM3E and HBM4 roadmap,” Micron Chief Business Officer Sumit Sadana said in a news release.

Even better, with AI demand showing no signs of cooling off, Next Move Strategy Consulting says the AI market – currently valued at about $100 billion – could grow twenty-fold by 2030 to more than $2 trillion. All while technology massively disrupts everything about everything.

On top of that, generative AI could add between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion a year to the global economy. That’s according to a new McKinsey report, which also said it could have a significant impact across all industry sectors. Even Goldman Sachs says generative AI could drive a 7% (or almost $7 trillion) increase in global GDP and lift productivity growth by 1.5 percentage points over 10 years.

All of which could help send stocks like Micron to higher highs.