Markets have become incredibly volatile ahead of the elections, and on continued uncertainty over more stimulus.  We’ve seen the market run up hundreds of points, only to close the day down hundreds of points.  It’s been that crazed.

This morning, futures are down slightly.  The Dow is down 26, as the NASDAQ remains flat.  The S&P 500 is down about four at the moment.   All thanks to volatility surrounding U.S. elections, fading hopes for stimulus, and the coronavirus, which seems to be worsening.  Unfortunately, until these issues can be resolved, markets are likely to continue swinging violently.

But there are still opportunities to be found out there.

In fact, one way to consider hedging against volatility is with the UVXY ETF, which tracks the volatility index.  At the moment, it’s at $17.20, and could pop with stimulus prior to the election looking far more unlikely by the day.