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  • AMD Broke Out, as Hoped

    AMD Broke Out, as Hoped

    Just a few days ago, we again highlighted the opportunity in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). In fact, we noted, “If AMD can break above $88.94 resistance, the stock could run back to $100 a share. Better, not only has growth been explosive, but the company continues to chip away at competitor market share, which should…

  • All Eyes on the Federal Reserve

    All Eyes on the Federal Reserve

    Markets are still wild. All as we wait for the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interest rates by either 75bps or 100bps.  All in an effort to combat sky-high inflation, which hit 8.3% in August. According to CNBC: “In its continuing quest to tackle runaway inflation, the Fed likely will approve a 0.75 percentage point…