Keep an eye on beaten down hydrogen stocks.

With demand only gaining momentum, stocks like Plug Power (PLUG), FuelCell Energy (FCEL), Bloom Energy (BE), and Ballard Power (BLDP) won’t stay down for long.

For one, by 2027, the market could be worth up to $300 billion, says Global Market Insights.

Two, according to the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition, “Clean hydrogen has the ability to accelerate decarbonization across all sectors of our economy, as well as transition existing – and create new – skilled, high wage jobs needed to support the clean energy transition.”

Three, the world is shifting to hydrogen.

Look at China, for example.  By 2050, it’s expected that demand will exceed 180 million tons, according to Global Times.  “The China Hydrogen Alliance predicts that by 2025, the output value of China’s hydrogen energy industry will reach 1 trillion yuan ($152.6 billion) and by 2030, China’s demand for hydrogen will reach 35 million tons, accounting for at least 5 percent of China’s terminal energy system,” they added.

India plans to use hydrogen as a transportation and industrial fuel, too.

“India’s biggest refiner state-controlled IOC has initiated a project at a refinery in Gujarat to manufacture blue hydrogen using natural gas and carbon capture technology, Pradhan said. There are also plans to leverage India’s growing CNG pipeline infrastructure to reduce the transportation cost of hydrogen,” reports Argus Media.

Europe could operation 40,000 km. of hydrogen pipelines by 2040.  Russia says it can make up to $100 billion from hydrogen exports by 2050, with higher demand.

All as countries all around the world transition to net zero carbon emissions.