Affirm (AFRM) is still running.

When we first brought the stock to your attention, it traded at $63.  Now it’s up to $132 and could be headed to $200.  With partnerships in place with Amazon and Target for example, AFRM could see solid momentum as we head into the holiday shopping season.

In fact, according to Affirm:

“With many Americans eager to make this year’s holiday season memorable, this year is no different. Affirm discovered nearly half (48%) plan to spend more money this year because they couldn’t celebrate like they normally would last year.”

Analysts over at Jefferies seem to like the AFRM stock, too.  Over the last few weeks, analyst John Hecht raised his price target on AFRM to $110 from $82, with a hold rating.  Bank of America analyst Jason Kupferberg also raised his price target to $160 with a buy rating.  Those are all great reasons to love AFRM long-term.