Apple (AAPL) is rallying to higher highs.

Not only is there buzz about an electric Apple car, we’re hearing that demand for the iPhone 13 is explosive.  In fact, while it’s not available just yet, “Demand for the iPhone 13, according to Dan Ives of Wedbush, is solid. ‘Our Asia supply chain checks for 2H heading into Labor Day weekend continue to put iPhone builds between 130M-150M. The iPhone 13 appears to represent 35%-45% of iPhone builds in Q3,’ as quoted by Fox Business.

In addition, according to Street Insider, Ives added:

“In a nutshell on the iPhone front, we believe the robust consumer product cycle continues globally for Cook & Co. especially with today roughly 250 million of the current 975 million iPhones not upgrading their smartphones in over 3.5 years based on our analysis, speaking to massive pent up demand within Apple’s installed base.”

In short, there’s plenty to get excited about with Apple.