We could see some action in Digital Ally as we near the U.S. elections.

While most of us are adult enough not to riot or cause chaos, law enforcement is preparing for it. As nuts as it may sound, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and even the FBI are planning for the worst case scenario.

In Los Angeles, officers are being told they may need to reschedule their vacations, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.  “We’re working with all of our partners, both first responders, emergency partners as well as L.A. County (sheriffs) … to talk about the approaching election cycle,” Moore said, adding that he has spoken to state and federal law enforcement as well to plan for any protests or groups that become violent.

It may sound nuts, but that’s what’s happening.

One of the stocks that could run on that potential is Digital Ally, which was also a runner during some of the riots in 2020.