Bitcoin (BTC) is exploding again.

And as long as that lasts, you may want to jump into its beneficiaries, including the mining stocks (Marathon Digital and Riot Platforms) and even stocks in companies with significant BTC holdings, including MicroStrategy (MSTR).

Even the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) should push aggressively higher.

Part of the reason BTC is pushing higher is its upcoming halving event – where the BTC mining reward is cut in half to reduce the number of new coins entering the network. “If fewer Bitcoins are being made available, the price ought to rise, assuming demand remains constant or increases,” says.

As noted by, “Historical data suggests that Bitcoin’s price action tends to go through five stages based on its halving, an event when the issuance of new BTC to miners is cut in half. With the next halving slated for April, Rekt Capital believes that Bitcoin is now transitioning from its pre-halving retrace to its pre-halving rally.”

BTC last traded at $45,318.90 – up nearly $900 on the day.

From here, we’d like to see BTC closer to $50,000, which would also be a major catalyst for the miners, and other stocks mentioned above.