Always keep an eye on stock splits.

After all, they make expensive, sought-after stocks far cheaper for retail investors who may have missed out on the prior run. In addition, according to Bank of America analysts, stock splits are typically bullish for companies that enact them. On average, returns one-year post-split is 25%, compared to around 12% for the broader market, as noted by

“Splits seem to be bullish across market regimes, something management teams might consider if shares look too expensive for buybacks,” they added.

In addition, stock splits are also a sign the company is bullish on its future, believing its stock will soar again post-split. 

That being said, investors may want to take advantage of upcoming stock splits with:

Nvidia (NVDA)

At the moment, NVDA trades at $1,064.69. All thanks to strong earnings on the heels of growing, explosive demand for artificial intelligence. 

However, you won’t find many retail investors aggressively paying this much for the tech giant. So, in just weeks, the company will split its shares 10:1 effective June 7. So, for every one share of NVDA, you’ll receive 10 shares. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) has been incredibly explosive. Since mid-2022, the CMG stock ran from about $1,300 to a recent high of $3,147. That’s expensive for most retail investors. So to help bring that cost down, the company is splitting its shares 50:1 on June 26 once it gets shareholder approval at its upcoming annual meeting.