GameStop (GME) is pushing even higher today.

All thanks to an unstoppable short covering spree that’s sent the gaming stock from a low of $19.61 to a high of $159.18 in just days.  This morning, it’s up another $15 to $91.27.

According to Screen Rant, “GameStop stock prices have exploded thanks to popular social media platform Reddit’s hottest stock market-related community, r/WallStreetBets, where users have enacted a get-rich-quick scheme – and it seems to be working.”

With the group pushing GME higher, we’ve reviewed the Reddit page for next targets.

One of those targets could be Koss Corporation (KOSS), which jumped $2.66 on Monday on volume of 8.5 million shares.  Daily average volume is 452,206.  This morning, KOSS volume is already up to 10.7 million shares, with the stock up 109%.

Another one could be BlackBerry (BB), which saw volume explode on Monday to 354.7 million shares, as compared to daily average volume of 33.9 million shares.  This morning, the stock is up $1.10 with volume of 24.4 million.  So far, that’s below average volume.

Nokia (NOK) seems to be getting in on the action, too.

This morning, it’s up about 6%.  But volume is up to 82.4 million, as compared to daily average volume of 37.29 million.